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Watch the live stream here on August 9 2018.Sign UpSign up to hear about the next GalaxyPlease enter your information below to receive the latest updates and get notified when details on the next Galaxy are available.I have read and hereby agree to Samsungs Privacy Policy and Terms of use for By clicking Submit you are opting in to receive promotional emails from Samsung Electronics America Inc.SUBMITCREATE A SAMSUNG ACCOUNTThanks for signing up.Must be 18 50 USDC res. From 7118 73118 Purchase Period purchase a Samsung Galaxy S9 S9 or Note8 phone on a device installment plan 2year contract plan lease or outright purchase at full retail price Qualifying Purchase. By 8718 at 115959 PM ET using your Qualifying Purchase device follow instructions on the Shop Samsung app App to submit required info and receive a memory card Gift either a 64GB est. value 60 a 128GB est. value 99 or a 256GB est. value 199.99 ShareThis week however after the public learned of 65yearold Mr Chandlers suicide which took place at his New Jersey home on November 5 it was a very different story. Suddenly the reason for his death became the subject of worldwide speculation and the internet chatrooms where Michael Jacksons heroworshipping fans exchange gossip were deluged by an outpouring of schadenfreude. Good riddance you piece of . Hope you rot in hell Things that go around come around karma is a bitch one hatefilled message read. He was a very very evil man. He should have been punished. This seems the easy way another responded. Among the Jackson faithful Evan Chandler is the devil incarnate. For in 1993 it was he who first exposed the King of Pop as a common paedophile by revealing how Jackson had sexually abused his son Jordan then aged 13. His bombshell accusation set in motion the cataclysmic train of events which would ruin the stars reputation and effectively end his career. Some devotees would even have us believe it was this scandal which precipitated the drug addiction which directly or not killed him. Evan Chandler shown here in an undated photo prompted a 13month police probe after his allegations about JacksonEven after 16 years during which time many more children have told how Jackson inveigled them into his bed many fans remain blinded to the truth. They prefer to believe that Mr Chandler then a Tick this box to proceed to ticking this box I accept Samsung Service Updates including Services and marketing information new product and service announcements as well as special offers events and newsletters. 4The new MercedesBenz AClass is a hatchback with serious tech credentials the new standard bearer in its class25 Jun 2018 Never get stuck in a traffic jam again Flying car switches between land and sky and can reach a top speed of 124mphThe AeroMobil 2.5 has a maximum speed of 99mph when driven as a car but in airplane mode can soar through the skies at 124mphThe hybrid vehicle is the brainchild of designers Stefan Klein and Jurak Vaculik based in Bratislava in the Slovak RepublicThe vehicle can be driven on normal roads and fit into a standard parking space when its wings are tucked in according to the designers